Day 3 – Dasoguz, Kone Urgench & Darvaza

9 May

Earliest start yet, saw a busy breakfast room for a change.  No change in food though.  Becoming addicted to peach yoghurt.

I had repacked enough to be able to leave my main bag at the hotel. My smaller bag was being transported by road to the wild camping site at the Darvaza gas crater, whilst we took the plane via other places first.

Back at the domestic airport, we ignored all the liquids warnings, metals detectors going off and strolled on through security.  Twice. Only having hand luggage was a distinct advantage.  The very modern departures hall was full of brightly coloured dresses and head gear.  I fitted right in.  The president – Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov – was on all the monitors in national dress playing a huge drum kit whilst camels, horses and eagles appeared in the background. Very surreal.

Flight boarded and departed early. Served a bottle of water, but otherwise Turkmenistan Airlines is a no frills carrier.

Landed in Daşoguz and were met by three 4×4 vehicles and drivers. We hopped in and headed off to Kone Urgench.

This post will be continued … so much happened today that I haven’t had the time to do it justice. 


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