Day 6 – Peja

25 Sep

Started off a relaxing day with a casual breakfast of hot dog sausage, cold fried egg and chicken pate on a fruit scone. Oops.

The promised thunderstorm was not present when we departed for a drive to the start of the walk. The drive was through a steep sided rock valley, with a narrow road, hairpin bends and tunnels hewn through the rock.

We arrived at a picturesque restaurant come viewpoint, where those that were not walking could spend the day. Plenty dogs to keep them company.


The walk started at 1428m and would rise about 400m. We climbed steeply on muddy paths covered in pine needles that would have been treacherous if wet. Passing some wildlife and rubbish strewn campsites, we stopped regularly before arriving at the big lake. This is the view used on the front page of the Kosovan travel guides.


I then stupidly decided to climb further to a saddle to let me look down on the next valley and the lake from above. Not worth the effort.

Back at the lake, my knees knackered from the steep muddy descent, I opened the driest chicken roll known to man. It sucked the moisture from the air.


The rest of the group had discovered that the lake had newts, together with bottles, plastic bags and chunks of bread floating.

As the clouds descended quickly, we started our descent.

On the way down, Tom smelt the beer in the restaurant, which helped speed up the decent. I passed a squirrel knocking its nuts together at the top of a tree.


Trail marker

On the way down, the wombles performed a litter pick, but even they gave up at the campsites. Back at the restaurant a skip was available, but it was unlikely that the locals would look after the countryside. Unfortunately.


Kosovo in a nutshell

We had time for a refreshing drink, before heading off to another Serbian Orthodox church – home of the Patriarch. This one was guarded by three policemen.

We met the nun who handed us brand new audio guides. These confused Endrit no end as he had never seen them before. The nun directed us to the randomly scattered numbers and then constantly checked we were standing in the correct place. It would surely have been easier for her to just give us a tour!


The frescoes were nice, but the broken English, highly technical, art & religious based commentary drove most of us mad. Less words, more understanding, please.

Back at the hotel, I wasn’t feeling particularly well, and ended up violently vomiting up something and at the same time doing my back out. I then slept from about 4pm until 7am the next morning, being woken every couple of hours with the nagging feeling that I’d missed the bus.


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