And so it begins (again)

19 Sep

An early morning start was little heralded, passing almost unnoticed infact. Rising earlier than planned, having a two course breakfast where none was normally had. Surprising the early taxi driver by being ready for him. Speeding through a deserted city (not unlike I’d like to imagine I could in Grand Theft Auto) to catch a train to start a journey and a fresh adventure.

One rather scenic sunrise, as I crossed the Tay rail bridge, later and I was London bound. (After a brief change in Edinburgh).

As usual the journey got interesting at Newcastle with the arrival of a hen party. To be honest I think it was actually a birthday, but equally they could have been going to work.

Arrived early at Kings Cross and deposited my bags at the left luggage, leaving time for a spot of lunch in Covent Garden before heading off to the first show of the day – War Horse.

Front row seat was slightly intimidating, but with the occasional mechanical horse in the face I certainly got a good view. During the interval they started the get out, removing large chunks from the sides of the stage. Refrained from offering to help. The less I say about the price of the ice creams the better.

£3.50 ?????? Yer having a laugh!

Wandering on to the next show, I rekindled memories of Callum Farquhar feeding us strange flavoured jelly beans in Piccadilly Circus (and almost getting arrested for pitching a tent in Hyde Park). Skipped through Chinatown but with the pubs full of rugby supporters, I had to settle for a KFC. Translation skills required already.




Swiss Court

Arriving early for The Book Of Mormon in the Prince of Wales Theatre, I secured a precious seat in their cinema like bar. Another excellent show, albeit not suitable for anyone young, gay, religious, or African. Maggots in scrotums are not cured by seeing this show.

A quick trip the wrong way to pick up my luggage and I headed for Heathrow. Terminal 2 was quite busy for being closed with several people trying to catch some sleep before an early morning check in.

I started a trend by commandeering the rather comfy seats in one of the cafes. Soft but narrow. With an intruder alarm going off every 17 seconds (of course I counted), sleep was hard to come by.

Dozing on and off I hope to be early, if not on time for the 4am check in.


One Response to “And so it begins (again)”

  1. Bob September 20, 2015 at 8:55 am #

    Have a great trip – good start with Book of Morman. look forward to hearing more.

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