Day 13 – Cayo Levisa & Carnival

27 Mar

Today started with a bus ride to the beach. Then a long wait in the sun, with a Belgian couple. Then a ferry to the beach – stupidly on the sunny side. A partially sighted group managed to skip the queue. Then a walk to the beach. By then I was sweating buckets again.


Ferry across to the island

The pier for the ferry had seen better days – it looked like at least one boat had been too fast approaching. Life jackets were available but not within reach.

The island of Cayo Levisa was set on the Atlantic north side of Cuba and the beach was on the north side of that.


Cayo Levisa

We were met by a two man band. Well, one woman and a man who could do a good impression of a trumpet with only his mouth.

Most of the resort seemed to be under rapid expansion, but we were offered a welcome drink and then made a dash for the sun loungers in the shade.

I survived for an hour doing the sun lounger salsa, keeping it in the shade, and even read some of my kindle travel guide to Cuba, before giving up and retiring to the bar for lunch.

Ernesto introduced me to rum y limon. Very strong on both counts – I had to water it down several times.

Lunch buffet consisted of fish soup followed by deep fried fish and rice and then an orange jelly like substance with guava sauce. If I’ve made that sound appealing, I’ve done it a disservice.

Went for a walk along the boardwalk to identify where the massage parlour was. When we first stepped off the boat I was accosted by a large hairy man who asked if I would like a massage. Booked in for 4pm hoping that he only took the bookings.  As it turned out, he didn’t just take the bookings.  However he was mediocre.  My sweat managed to miss his toes.


Massage parlour

Whilst waiting for this event Mick won again at cards and I found an ice cream sales point that didn’t just do tubs.

Literally nothing else happened all day. Although we did sample a few of the cocktails – the brightly coloured Sol de Levisa being the favourite.

Not being a beach group we survived it pretty well.


Machete para mama

The boat back was much faster. Some of the group almost didn’t make it. I didn’t get killed by the machete wielding woman on the boat and we made it back to the bus and Viñales in time to revisit the restaurant from the previous night, this time a la carte.  Lobster, pork, chicken, tuna, beef, lamb, or anything that we could point to.  The lamb with bread was fantastic.


Some of the more adventurous headed into Viñales with Ernesto to sample the carnival that was taking place. Lots of kids rides, tattoos, drinks and food were available. The music was far more Western with a hint of reggaeton.


For the under 40's only

I found an unattended bouncy castle meant for 6 year olds and proceeded to collapse it. Made friends with a lady selling piña coladas that got stronger and more colourful as we built up a regular customer relationship.  Tried to work out if all the 10 year old customers were getting the same alcohol content. Anything goes in Cuba.


All of them please

Mick did get a devil tattoo on her chest, sprayed on and she hopes easily removed.


Devil tattoo

We staggered back to the bus after several more laps of the party and fell asleep quickly.

Certainly a different day, and one that was full of contrasts – mostly temperature related.


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