Airports and Airplanes

14 Mar

… or aeroplanes, if you insist.

Survived an early morning rise and trip through to Edinburgh airport. Parked right outside but for some reason the computer didn’t recognise my licence plate correctly.  It was close.  Advised to argue about it on the way out.

No one had mentioned that the terminal had all changed since my last trip.  Confusing.  Lots of staff but doesn’t appear to be any quicker through security.

Joined the “Lost Legion” in Wetherspoons for a bacon roll and a hot chocolate – sugar required to wake me up.  They appeared to be Scottish supporters of Italian rugby.  Good luck to them – their biggest challenge is bound to be the Ryanair flight to Rome! That and surviving paying £7 for a pint.

On the first Air France plane of the day and I was sad to hear that there were no oxygen masks in the toilets. Just as well I didn’t need to go.  The rest of the safety announcement was fine if you were in business class.  The other 80 people at the back of the plane had no chance of seeing the demonstration of how to fasten your seat belt from the lone stewardess.  Had a feeling of “Thrifty Air”.

The catering went all out – tea, coffee or water and a small, and I mean small, pastry. Complaints from the Scots in front of me feel on deaf ears.

Not sure why they bothered with announcements in English.  Totally incomprehensible due to the fast talking and the tinny speakers.

I don’t want you to think I’m just complaining – the were some good bits as well. Like falling asleep almost as soon as I wrapped the TRTL around my neck. Available online from

CDG was as infuriating as ever.  My next plane was no longer taking off from the terminal I headed to. Screens only display some flights but, as I discovered later, you can scan your boarding card to find out where to go.

After several miles of walking I got back to the terminal I started from. No such thing as a group of shops, but I managed to find a sandwich stall. The French are at least good at fresh bread. And rhubarb tarts.

Just a 10 hour flight to look forward to now. Charging points and free WiFi will hopefully see me through.


One Response to “Airports and Airplanes”

  1. Simon Stewart March 14, 2015 at 7:06 pm #

    I do prefer the spelling “airplane”. Surely people can’t be serious in expecting it to be spelled any other way?

    Regarding expensive airport drinks, I have only bought alcohol from an airport bar once. It was T5 and I ordered a Mojito. Handing over a £20, I expected at least a £10 and some coinage. £5 and some coins is what I got.

    I drank slowly.

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