Preparing for Cuba

13 Mar

Half day at work results in lots of time to worry about the things you haven’t packed.  Worryingly, for the first time ever I have packed once and closed the bag without needing to sit on it. Still on the heavy side though. (Me and the bag!)

Looking at the bag I do remember thinking that the duct tape holding it together was getting a bit old. So I’ve done the decent thing … I’ve finally replaced the duct tape.

Found the photos from the last trip that I haven’t looked at yet.  Promise to take less on this trip although the number of batteries in my bag says something different.

Read the trip notes and discovered that there is far more walking on this trip than I remember when booking. So the boots have gone in.  Panicing slightly about the need for a filter water bottle, which I don’t have. Still there is always a few extra days in a Cuban hospital to look forward to.  Or Guantanamo.

Packed the pens to give away and the toilet roll in case I’m caught short. Left out all the things I didn’t use the last time, but will have packed a few new ones I’m sure.

Kindle updated with a few books – Lonely Planet is still essential reading on the journey.

Now just need to sort out the day bag and get some sleeeeee z z z z z…


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