Day 7 – Da Nang and Hoi An

1 Mar

Leaving Hue we drove up through some hills on the way to Da Nang.

Stopped briefly at some rice fields by the East Sea – definitely not the South China Sea!


Passed through a fortified area that the Merkins used to control the area.  Gee it’s hot.


Spotted that our bus is the “Nhi Na” bus.


When we arrived in Da Nang, we headed straight to the only attraction in the growing city – the Cham museum. Lots of rocks.  Some carved. Most of the group losing the will to live at this point.

Headed to a restaurant on the beach for lunch – very posh. Twice the price, but they did sandwiches and chips!



Some of the group went swimming but I was keen to not drown. So went for a wander to find the beach littered with no swimming signs.  Not sure who Cam and Tam were. Obviously dodgy swimmers.



We headed off to the Marble Mountains where they were selling 10 foot statues intricately carved. There was a lift up the mountain but we decided to walk the 120 odd steps to the first temple.
Further up was a pagoda.


Arrived in Hoi An and checked into our hotel.  Vinh gave us an orientation tour where we found that Hoi An was a beautiful town with a waterfront and touristy old quarter, specialising in tailoring. Found the real Japanese Bridge. Almost got chucked out the tailor when I knocked over a model. Saw how silk is made and the silkworms. Tempted to buy a shirt, but refrained.  Very nice but very expensive.

We met for a group meal and I finally managed to order a banana lassi. Not had a bad meal yet.


Five of us headed off for a drink and found a place that did 5 beers for less than 80p (for all of them). Amanda got this round after much debate.

Dave went off to watch some football in another bar and the rest headed to bed.


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