Day 9 – Sucre

2 Apr

At one point (4:30am) I had the UK emergency number on my phone and ready to dial as the hotel didn’t have a night service and I didn’t know where Jo was. Pain in chest was terrible and constrictive. Padded down to the foyer, but no one was there.

Eventually full sleep due to exhaustion. Jo promised to leave her room and number in future.

Not really recovered, we headed off on a city tour – appoint off at the Judiciary – the only capital element not lost in the battle with La Paz. Climbed a rather smaller version of the Eiffel Tower.

We headed to the top of the hill overlooking Sucre for a great view and a convent museum, where Franciscan monks were still in residence. Hugged a giant tree in the orangery (oranges are only orange in Europe/Tesco).

Negotiated a small artisan market before finding the artisan museum which had doubled the prices. Some very nice stuff but £40 was the cheapest, so no. Lots of red and black designs.

We then had some free time, which we made use of by buying ice creams – which Paul then promptly dropped on the floor. Ten minute rule applied. A tour of the square to find a place to eat lunch, via the chocolate shop, resulted in a very nice burger and chips.

Yvonne, Maxine, Penny and I  then headed to MUSEF – a folklore museum. It had some interesting masks on the ground floor and some other rooms upstairs with details of language development and other stuff in Spanish!

Moving on, we charged into a supermarket for water, missing the large red arrows on the floor and trying to go the wrong way around a one way system. I never knew supermarkets could be so complicated!

The cathedral was next on the list – housing the Virgin of Guadaloupe (the Spanish one, NOT the Mexican one – oh no) no photos were allowed.

Got back to the hotel about 4pm to discover that Judy had left a note to say that she was going to the dinosaur tracks exhibition on the bus at 2pm – did I want to go. Oops.

Started taking Diamox pills that Yvonne’s GP had given her. At least that what she says they are – if they are something else, this may be my last blog post.

Taking Jo’s advice and using extra pillows to prop me up at night. Hopefully, this should allow a better sleep tonight, if that brass band ever shuts up.


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