Day 8 – Drive to Sucre

1 Apr

Sleeping at the highest point – 4090m, well almost. This morning was another unproductive one, sleep wise.  Eventually fell asleep, but in the morning missed the city tour (apparently didn’t miss much) of Potosi – the main silver mining town.

Made it down late morning and took up the offer of oxygen from the hotel. Altitude sickness is not nice.

I staggered on to the coach to take us to the bus station where we were to catch a local public bus to Sucre. Jo handed out pasties for lunch with some rather spicy dribbly fillings. One nibble of a corner for me and it went straight in the bin. Stomach not up to food yet.

A three hour journey and we were there – arriving in a bus station full of lambs sleeping in the arms of their owners.

We fought through the crowds – only British people queue and we decided to blend in with the locals.

Our hotel was of the courtyard variety and only two blocks from the main square. The only slight drawback that I discovered later was that we were sandwiched between a primary school, with screening kids and a high school with a brass band obviously needing all the practice they were having.

After checking in to the top floor (again), I went for a wander to the main square. Paul was already reading a book in a leafy place, whereas I just wandered and took some photos.

Back at the hotel I discovered the top floor balcony and met Penny and Judy enjoying a bottle of wine as the sun set, in a beautiful vista, behind some very picturesque buildings.

We had a group meal overlooking the main square – Los Balcones – where the quantities of food where obviously meant for Americans.

And that is where the troubles took on a whole new turn…


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