Day 7 – Drive to Potosi

31 Mar

Early morning wake up – 4:30am to be precise, although this time it wasn’t from the hotel, but the stomach. The contents of last nights tea were deposited in the bathroom sink, which unfortunately had to be reached by walking barefoot over salt crystals.

Three hours later I did manage to wobble my way to join the rest of the group and headed on to Uyuni and a train cemetery. Judy and I shared a 4WD with Jo. Penny was asked to move to another one as I was still feeling a bit “precious”.

The train cemetery was a pile of rusting old trains. In my state, I didn’t fancy the swing strung between two carriages.

Moving on to Uyuni, there was an opportunity to change money and explore the town. I sat down next to the clock and counted the seconds. People watching was top of my list for today. That and not being sick again.

We found the vehicles parked what seemed like 5 miles away, but was only 4 blocks. They had been refueled and made ready.

The drive to Potosi was mostly uneventful, with the contents of my stomach staying in there. One of the vehicles did have a puncture – on the smoothest road possible – beggars belief after the hard terrain they had previously taken us over.

Stopped also for a scenic photo opportunity at a high river crossing.

Arriving in Potosi, the hotel didn’t do meals, so Jo ordered us a takeaway – chicken and chips and rice – they like their carbs here! Managed to nibble a bit before retiring to the room.


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