Day 0 – Not A Great Start

23 Mar

I think I’m travel jinxed.

My outward journey always seems to involve some turmoil, and so it is again.

As I write it is still only coming up to noon, and here I am on a train, which according to my itinerary, I should be. Unfortunately my plan should have me somewhere in Fife, heading to Edinburgh airport, and in reality I’ve actually just left Edinburgh Waverley train station heading for Kings Cross.

BA sent me a text message at about 9:30am this morning, telling me that my flight had been canceled. No reason, just canceled.

Their message said to call a number. The number said to look at their web site. The web site said to call the number. Go figure.

I had been due to leave at10am anyway, but with no other flights to get me to London on time, I had to head to Edinburgh in the car.

Unfortunately my mum didn’t realise she had offered this service and as we headed to Dundee train station, I had to swap into the drivers seat and whisk her in a slightly faster than normal ride to Waverley. 70 minutes later including a quick “detour” around the city centre road works, and a quick stop in a taxi rank, I was there, with 4 minutes to spare.

Got the train – apparently my multi coloured trousers weren’t suitable for first class, or so the sneers suggested, so I had to get off the train again and join the unwashed throng on the platform. Did eventually get a seat, next to a nice old lady with a dog.

Tried my best to take other purple people’s seats first though. Found with one a charger socket, so happy!

Anticipating the cost of this journey is not going to be cheap, so hope that the travel insurance might cover it!

Anyway the current plan is to get to Kings Cross for about 4pm. So I’ll have about an hour to get to Heathrow. Should hopefully make that!

Off to research the Heathrow Express and the buffet car – not necessarily in that order.


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