Packing for South America

17 Mar

Well, less than 6 days to go and I have finally started packing. 18.5kg on the first attempt means that something will have to go, as it always goes up from the first pack.

Found some clothes from last years holidays still in the case. Likely that I didn’t use them then, but I’ll take them again just to make the balancing of baggage weight a good game.

Stacked up the pills – all dissolvable! Nothing like a packet of Calpol and Nurofen Meltlets to deal with a headache! (or Acute Mountain Sickness!)

Found three wallets to put my currency in. This is going to get confusing, I can tell.

Will try to put together the paperwork tomorrow night, and pack the small bag.

Got three emails from British Airways, one for the flight I booked, one for the flight Explore booked (proving that they actually added my frequent flyer number) and one for a flight that even the email didn’t define!

Train tickets now in wallet. If there is snow forecast for Friday or Saturday, I think I may need to travel early to make sure I get there on time.

13 expected on the trip. Three couples and 7 solos. 6 gents, 7 ladies. Late 30’s (that’ll be me then) – early 60’s. If it stays like that I’ll be most surprised!

Now to work out the hotel list …


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