Day 14 – Drive to La Virgen de Sarapiqi

29 Mar

Skinny dipping, being ripped off, boat trip, Basilisk, caiman, iguana, birds, cows, roseate spoonbill, lost scarf, shower, sweat, bumpy drive, rain shower, iguana restaurant, heavy rain, shopping for food, glamping, locking keys in tent, buffet, costa rican football on tv, bugs, large bugs, very large bugs.

Woke up this morning after a very disturbed sleep, the first this trip. Think it was a combination of sunburn and having the air conditioner on over night – was actually cold for once.

Just as well I didn’t wander out though, as Susan admitted to have gone skinny dipping at 2am and at 6:30am! Thankfully no one saw her!

Breakfast was average, but the price wasn’t. The morning boat trip, breakfast and the meal and drinks from last night all came to $70! Welcome to Costa Lotta.

The boat trip itself was more than birds this time. Lots of caiman! Susan lost her scarf overboard and asked to go back for it. One of the caimans is bound to be wearing it by now. We didn’t find it.

Managed a quick 5 minute shower, before stepping out and sweating again.

We loaded up a new smaller bus, and headed off on initially bumpy roads towards Muelle for a stop at a restaurant with iguanas outside. Of course we did stop several times and reverse to try and find some birds, much to the distaste of the traffic behind.

The restaurant itself was actually okay, with the last meal being grilled chicken and chips with more horchata. Last meal, because we were heading off to camp and there was no restaurant until lunch tomorrow.

As we came out of the restaurant, the earlier passing rain shower became a torrential downpour. We ran for the bus, grateful that our bags strapped to the roof appeared to be under a waterproof cover but ruing the fact that our waterproofs and brollies were in our main bags.

A few kilometers later we stopped at another village to frequent the supermarket. Susan offered to help with the shopping, so I got volunteered to help balance things out. Cake and crisps versus salad and veg. I’ll let you work out who was shopping for what.

We arrived at the campsite, and I at least was pleasantly surprised at the standard. After a quick switch when I discovered that the tent I was assigned had not been cleaned, I discovered a lockable bathroom with better facilities / lighting than some of the previous hotels. Also the first and only place on the whole tour that we are allowed to flush the toilet paper down the toilet.

Lou had given us strict instructions to lock everything in the bathroom, as the tent / bedroom area only had zips. I took this literally and promptly locked the keys to the bathroom in the bathroom.

The tent itself has a fan, light and phone, together with a balcony with another light and roof fan and two chairs and a table. The tent has two double beds. The bathroom had a solar shower, wardrobe and electronic safe!

We convened in the restaurant for our buffet, and there did appear to be lots of avocado, and beer.  Thankfully the bus driver joined us and he seemed to like the avocado but wasn’t able to touch the beer. We also had after dinner mints, which had been suitably chilled to maintain their solid state.

Now sitting relaxing in front of the plasma TV (watching football with the driver – just as understandable as usual!) next to the wifi hotspot. Who says camping can’t be glamorous!

I’ve already crunched one large bug. Here’s hoping nothing eats me in the night.


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