Day 4 – Chichicastenango market and drive to Copan, Honduras

19 Mar

Early leaving from the hotel, means they I had to eat breakfast in the hotel garden, from the stuff I’d bought at the supermarket the day before. Had a plastic tumbler, so coco pops and milk worked, as did a banana and yoghurt. Everyone else seemed slightly jealous that I had managed to find the time to have a sensible breakfast.

An hour and a half later, we arrived at Chichicastenango and tried to park the bus in secure parking. Unfortunately we were too early and there was no-one around. Eventually we got parked and Lou walked us through the market and left us to it. Pointed out the major highlights – the chicken man and the petrol station!

Visited the church which had a combination of catholic and mayan altars. Apparently the Vatican is too scared to try and change that.

Also had a peep in the fruit market, and took some wonderful memories from the balcony looking down on the scene.


Wandered slowly through the market, but wasn’t in the mood to buy anything.

Met with some of the others, and we headed to an upstairs coffee shop which served pancakes and syrup (and a latte).

Wandered into the emergency meeting hotel, which had a bunch of parrots and macaws in the foyer courtyard.

Back at the bus by 9:30am, we continued on our way to Honduras.

We stopped at the same restaurant on the way back towards Guatemala City, and this time I bought some biscuits and nuts, as well as fudge.

We stopped off at the office, to collect Phil(2)’s credit cards which he had left on the plane. The promised meal on him has yet to appear, although technically, I don’t think it was he who suggested that!

By this point it was 1pm and with no stop in the foreseeable agenda, I dived into the supermarket lunch bag. Did the whole pate on toast with chicken slices thing, to the amazement of the other members of the group.


Just as I was on the last one, we did stop at a petrol station, where I found a Magnum in the ice cream fridge. Bitte left her camera on the back of a door in the ladies toilets, and unfortunately didn’t see it again.

Back on the road, we saw a lot of vehicles coming from a religious shrine – their cars were decorated with garlands. We also managed to join a queue of slow moving traffic, when the road was being redone. Thankfully we were going the other way, as most of them had given up trying to drive and were settling in for the long wait.

We also passed a new shopping mall, built from the proceeds of a drug baron, which had the unfortunate shops of “BIGGEST” and “BULOCKS” side by side.

Stopping at another petrol station, Lou managed to get her breasts complemented by a random man in a Guatemalan football shirt, which caused most of the men in our group to start making comments on the local woman. Had a strawberry slush puppy – ideal for cooling down.

By about 6:15pm, we had reached the Honduras border. Lou dealt with all the paperwork and we passed through smoothly within half an hour. Even managed a photo without getting detained!

Arrived at the hotel at Copan Ruinas, Honduras at 7pm and found our rooms. Managed a quick cold shower in 5 minutes. Discovered later that the taps and the temperature didn’t tie up.

Group meal was kebabs – lots, but quite expensive. Paid with Guatemalan Quetzales. Got no change. Discovered the back didn’t open until Tuesday (after we would leave).

Retired knackered. Tried to get wifi to work without success.  Roll on tomorrow.


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