Hey, we’re going to Bermuda

15 Mar

Well actually, I’m there at the moment, but more on that later.

Did manage to catch the flight to Madrid without incident. First one through security as they opened the doors, as I had no bag to check in. Slept for about 40 minutes during the flight.


Nachos in Madrid

Arrived in Madrid without problem and treated myself to some salt in the form of nachos con queso. Used my first Spanish … “Quisiera nachos por favor” – she heard nachos so it was alright. Had some kind of weird cheese ladled on top. For some reason, a knife and fork were also provided, as was some green stuff, that didn’t taste like guacamole, but probably was.

Gathering that the majority of people on my trip are of the older variety. A couple possible youngsters, but looking a lot like the blue rinse brigade. Still to meet the group though.

Catching the flight to Guatemala was also okay. Took off about 30 minutes later than advertised, but the pilot thought we’d still land on time.

Spent most of the flight dosing. Jack and Jill was the first film – even though I said I wouldn’t see it at home, it was okay. Well, the first half hour was. Don’t know how it ends.

Endless meals and drinks means I have no clue what the real time is anymore, but it’s close to 1pm Guatemalan time.



About an hour ago the pilot declared a medical emergency and announced that we would have to land. He also uttered the immortal words – “Is there a doctor on board?”  The nearest airport to mid Atlantic being Bermuda.


Bermuda Terminal

Currently sitting on the tarmac whilst the patient (in his eighties) is attended to by medics. Weird seeing what could pass as British police on the plane. About to move to be refueled. Anticipating a 60 minute delay.



Finally took off after a 90 minute delay. Now about 2 and a half hours behind. But at least we are going to get there. Looks like I’ll be traveling for 32 hours before I get to the hotel.

Don’t mention food!


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