Getting to London

15 Mar

So far, so good. Problem getting rid of the parents at Dundee train station, but apart from that everything is running like clockwork.


Trains do arrive on time!

Managed to get the Edinburgh check in girl to put my bag all the way to Guatemala without needing to pick it up in London. And she gave me my boarding pass for Madrid to Guatemala and more importantly – told me to help myself to chocolate.

So I did. Only four bars – didn’t want to appear greedy! Ate two in Edinburgh waiting for a slightly delayed flight.

Woman from stewardess hell sat next to me on the plane (which only had 17 passengers). She didn’t seem to understand what turning her phone off meant. Playing music on it all through the flight didn’t help, and finally the stewardess snapped! It wasn’t a pretty sight.

On deplaning (is that even a word?) I tried to get through to the flight connections (airside), but was informed by the jobsworth that my flight wasn’t until the morning – as though I didn’t know! And would have to go land side.

So here I am, sitting on a row of seats with armrests, wondering how the three other people in the airport managed to curl themselves into what looks like a sleeping position. I’ll say one thing though, that man on the cleaning machine certainly knows how to do the bit of floor next to their ears. At least three times now.


Night sleeping in terminal 5

They turn some lights out at midnight, but the Olympic sign is in my face, together with the “Welcome to Heathrow Terminal 5” on the mega large screens – they have 5 in case you missed the first one. They obviously haven’t heard of eco friendly lighting.

Found the free charging point for mobiles. In Edinburgh you would have to pay £1.50 for 30 minutes. Typing this means that it’ll never fully charge though!

Forgot to mention the mothers day card that I bought specially in Dundee. Decided to post it in the airport but then realised that the posties can’t pick it up there.  Thankfully a man emptying the bins volunteered to post it for me. I’ll be amazed if it gets there!

Think I’m going to adopt Guatemalan time now – it’s only 6pm there, so I can stay awake until the flight departs and catch a quick snooze on the plane.

That’s the plan anyway …

… we’ll see what happens.


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