George’s 40th Birthday Party

30 Oct





Managed to survive the perils of Whitfield. George and Ian started the night the way it was meant to progress. The cake made it in one piece, thanks to Hannah and Ann. The Walkers will be eating the remains of the buffet for many days to come!

Met up with lots of people I hadn’t seen for ages. McMaster didn’t turn up in fancy dress despite my best attempts. Tango and Donald seem to have both lost half their body weight – wish I could!

Hyper and Corr (when he wasn’t being pulled onto the dance floor) deserve a special mention for being evicted from the ladies toilets by the bar maid who just didn’t understand the situation!

Gordon (the bearded one) was in fine form as were Alan and Grant.

Special mention to Kay and Martin for their company and umbrella complete with flashing color changing lights.

Only one “Danny” track from the DJ, so Sheila was happy. As were the rest of us. The young things kept the Macarena alive!

Got a fair bit of goss, although the normal suspects were avoiding as usual.

Hope George wasn’t using the extra hour to be led astray by the visiting Weegies.

Good night!


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